Stipulations. Important info about Citi Flex wages on Amazon.

Stipulations. Important info about Citi Flex wages on Amazon.

Equal Cost Plans. Once you decide to purchase your purchase utilizing a Citi charge card, you are offered a number of equal payment per month selection during checkout.

Equivalent monthly premiums are offered for the complete order quantity merely, which should be about $75 (such as delivery + dealing with plus tax). Equivalent monthly payments may not be available to all visitors and all items. Each item of merchandise within purchase ought to be eligible for equal monthly installments to choose equivalent monthly obligations to suit your order. Some other acquisition criteria may apply and also be disclosed during checkout. Amazon buys funded with equal monthly obligations making use of a Card include processed as Citi Flex Plans at the conclusion of the Card’s billing course. If any product inside purchase try prepared as part of a Flex Plan, the product might be charged towards Citi charge card whenever delivered and you’ll be in charge of spending it off within a Flex Plan from the APR and quantity of payments selected at checkout. Visit your credit Agreement to find out more about Citi Flex strategies.

Rounded Monthly Payment Amount. The payment per month quantity revealed at checkout would be rounded up to the closest dollars on your own Citi report, except for the very last payment considering pay-off the Citi Flex program balance.

The rounded monthly quantity per Flex Arrange your expected to pay each payment cycle would be included in the Minimum repayment Due on the Citi Credit Card report.

Splitting and Bundling. If several Amazon expenditures were funded with equivalent monthly obligations with the exact same Citi Credit Card, APR and few repayments, all items from those purchases that ship during the same payment duration shall be matched into one Flex strategy at the end of that payment duration. If items from just one Amazon purchase are financed having equal monthly obligations and/or ship through different billing menstruation, they are divided in to separate Flex Plans based on the billing period which they shipped. In any case, each Flex Plan are going to have alike APR and need the exact same number of repayments that has been at first selected at checkout.

AutoPay. If you should be signed up for AutoPay and get they set to pay “Last declaration Balance,” your entire Flex Arrange balance may be paid-in full together with your then installment if you don’t change their AutoPay setup before your next scheduled payment.

Other Promotions. If another low promo APR applies to buys on your own cards, that lower promo APR will connect with anything in your purchase refined as a Citi Flex Plan throughout the promo duration, till the reduced promo APR ends pursuant to the regards to such promo. Afterwards, the promo APR revealed at checkout will apply at the remaining stability for the Flex Arrange.

Whenever Acquisitions Commonly Prepared as an agenda. Deciding to finance you buy with equal monthly installments will not warranty that Amazon order will likely be processed as a Citi Flex Arrange. If any product in your order is not processed as a Flex Plan but is or else authorized, it is energized as a normal purchase to your Citi charge card and you will be in charge of payment when you usually would.

Overlimit Fees. In the event the Flex Plan makes you surpass the credit limit on your own Citi mastercard, you will end up in charge of make payment on Overlimit levels that might add section of their Flex strategy stability, within the Minimum repayment owed on the after that Citi Credit Card report. This could, subsequently lower the range monthly payments on the Flex strategy.

Credit Payoff. Selecting equal monthly installments at checkout don’t impair the Citi credit score rating Card’s payoff. Any time you presently make payoff or money back on acquisitions together with your Citi mastercard, you can expect to still earn those incentives or cash back on Amazon buys financed with equal monthly payments.

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