NIPM, through its decades of continuous studies and reflections, has evolved quality standards for key People Processes that directly contribute to the bottom-line, sustainability and social standing of organisations.

NIPM People Process Standards help organisations understand their people practices from different business dimensions, identify gaps and reboot for driving sustainable business results. NIPM Certification is the first step for an organization in its journey of transcending to a People Organization. Our mission is to help organizations succeed through robust people processes.

Organizations that apply for this certification undergo a rigorous assessment. The organizations that achieve the Institute’s Global Standards will get NIPM Certification for a period of three years. NIPM 4000:2016 Quality Certifications signify HR Excellence and is a mark of having World Class People Practices. The Certifications will give a competitive edge to succeed in Talent Management in the disruptive business environment.

NIPM 4000:2016 People Process Quality Standards

A. Business advantages of NIPM4000 certifications

Organisations can reap mainly the following advantages of getting NIPM4000 Certifications for key their HR processes.

  1. Can become the most valued organization
  2. Can bring up People processes to Global Standards
  3. Can use Award Logo on your website and communications which sig-nifies symbol of HR excellence and mark of world-class People processes
  4. Increase in Employee Engagement Score
  5. Higher attraction and retention
  6. Competitive edge over others in talent hiring
  7. Can sustain the organizational success

B. Categories of NIPM 4000 Standards

NIPM 4001: 2016Hiring
NIPM 4002: 2016Training & Development
NIPM 4003: 2016Succession Planning
NIPM 4004: 2016Mentoring
NIPM 4005: 2016Reward & Recognition
NIPM 4006: 2016Performance Management System
NIPM 4007: 2016Industrial Relations Practices
NIPM 4008: 2016Human Resource Information System
NIPM 4009: 2016Employee Healthcare
NIPM 4010: 2016Grievance Management
NIPM 4011: 2016Employee Communication
NIPM 4012: 2016Employee Benefits
NIPM 4013: 2016Employee Suggestion
NIPM 4014: 2016HR Analytics
NIPM 4015: 2016Career Management
NIPM 4016: 2016Competency Management
NIPM 4017: 2016Workforce Planning
NIPM 4018: 2016OB Process
NIPM 4019: 2016Organizational Design & Development
NIPM 4020: 2016Knowledge Management

C. Dimensions of Evaluation of Process

  1. Business Alignment
  2. Ethical
  3. Robust
  4. People
  5. Value creation
  6. Sustainability
  7. Culture fit
  8. Process Leadership
  9. Measurability
  10. System approach

D. Certification Process

  1. Registration
  2. Process document submission as per process templates
  3. Phase I audit by Independent Audit firm
  4. Phase II audit by Independent Audit firm
  5. Appraisal of audit report by Board of Certification
  6. Re-audit, if required
  7. Recommendation of Board of Certification
  8. Approval by National Council
  9. Provisional Certification for 1 year
  10. Compliance audit after 1 year
  11. Confirmation or revocation of the provisional certification
  12. Final certification for 3 years
  13. Audit after 3 years for renewal

E. Independent Audit

Independent HR auditor will audit the HR process against the NIPM 4000 standards on all the 10 dimensions. Independent auditors are empaneled by NIPM after a rigorous assessment and training on NIPM 4000 Standards with the help of reputed academic institution in the country.

F. Board of Certification

NIPM has an excellent team of renowned Academicians, Practitioners, Jurist, Consultants etc. in the Board of Certification who would be assessing audit reports and evidences and recommend for award of NIPM 4000 Certification.