Firefighter Knowledge Drill: Perform Some Angle: FDC Hook Up

Firefighter Knowledge Drill: Perform Some Angle: FDC Hook Up

Its not all flame section will come across flame section relationships (FDC) within their responses region. For many divisions being addressing suburban and cities, you will encounter all of them. FDCs are not only arranged for high-rise property. They will be entirely on single-story large buildings, low-rise structures, and parking garages.

FDCs will likely be situated on the not in the building at a spot is accessible of the flame department; this might be by the side entrance of this strengthening. Some property may have the FDC set from the building and waiting alone like a pressure-reducing device because of the road. Whatever the place, they have been made to permit the fire department to give liquid internally for interior operations.


There have been two types of FDCs: threaded and storz. The storz sort shall be one inlet of either 4, 5

or 6 ins, depending on the construction alone plus the department’s specifications with regards to their neighborhood building code. Together with the storz are a sexless coupling, there is no difficulties which can occur whenever hooking up excepting wrecked lugs on coupling or perhaps the coupling not being completely circular and notably oval, rendering it difficult to hook up.

A challenge that take place utilizing the threaded FDC is the seizing associated with couplings on FDC. Feminine couplings exist on every FDC and invite a man coupling getting threaded inside FDC. With subjection to weather condition, dust, and corrosion, the couplings about FDC can take up-and never be cost-free sufficient to twist. At these times, a man bond shouldn’t be linked.

One way to reduce this problem is twist the hose pipe within the opposite way about five or six hours. This twisting in the hose allows the hose pipe to untwist inside correct or clockwise movement while simultaneously letting a man coupling to get threaded in to the female coupling without spinning the feminine coupling.

Preplanning also relieve this problem by checking to see if the couplings twist easily or not. Should they don’t, the home holder must be notified so that they can mend the problem.

Gear needed: Two 2 ?-inch length of tubes, spanner wrench, the means to access an FDC

Purpose: to apply securing the FDC using the angle process with the hose


  1. Locate the FDC about building. Determine the sort of FDC (bond or storz.)
  2. Get rid of the caps through the FDC.
  3. See inside the female coupling to identify any particles or obstructions inside the house.
  4. If any rubbish or dirt located around, make use of the spanner wrench to wash it.
  5. Just take one 2 ?-inch hose and perspective they 5 to 6 circumstances from inside the counterclockwise
  6. You start with the left 2 ?-inch feminine FDC coupling, make the thread reference to the hose to your FDC and untwist they heading clockwise on the right.
  7. As soon as hose pipe has become threaded to the coupling, utilize the spanner wrench to tighten up the coupling.
  8. Duplicate exactly the same for your different FDC coupling throughout the right side.
  9. Use an item of webbing or rope to protect both tubes collectively.

Key Points:

  1. Threaded FDC couplings can get and need the line to get connected by turning the hose during the contrary course.
  2. Start off with the left FDC coupling to offer the bedroom to untwist the hose pipe on the right for both FDC connectivity.

Mark van der Feyst has been in the fire provider since 1999 and is also a full time firefighter in Ontario, Canada. He is a worldwide trainer coaching in Canada, america, and Asia, and also at FDIC. Van der Feyst try a local level suppression teacher when it comes to Pennsylvania condition flames Academy. He or she is in addition top honors writer of home flames recovery (flames Engineering Books & videos).

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